What supplies do you use/recommend?


I prefer mid grade brushes for the best experience with feeling like you’ve been robbed. I personally buy most of my brushes at Blick in store. 

Da Vinci 8850 Round 6 

Princeton Heritage 4050 4 brush set

Richeson Rigger/ Liner Size 2 (for branches, grass and vines)

My absolute top 6 brushes (I use these the most): 

Blick Studio Synthetic 6 Round (Blick)

Utrecht 228 Sablette #10 Round (Blick)

Princeton 4350W 1/2” Wash (Blick)

Utrecht 6150F 3/4” Wash (Blick)

Utrecht 800 Sablette #1 Liner (Blick)

Dynasty Black Gold 206SL #5/0 Liner (University Art)


I use and recommend for students in my classes Sennelier Watercolor for a great painting experience. They are a reasonably priced artist grade paint. 

Daniel Smith Essentials Watercolor Set of 6 (Blick and University Art)

Daniel Smith Primatek Watercolor Set of 6

Winsor & Newton Cotman 12 Tube Set (Michaels and Blick)

Sennelier French Watercolors- 12 Tube Set (Blick and University Art)


CYM Color Mixing Wheel (Blick)


Folding Plastic Class Palette (Blick)

Aluminum Watercolor Palette

Mini Porcelain Watercolor Palette


Pro 3/4” Blue tape (Blick)

Fineline Masking Fluid Pen  (Michaels)

Daniel Smith Masking Fluid Pen


I use mostly 140 pound cold press paper in pads or blocks. Strathmore is my go to brand. I also uses Arches or Winsor Newton Paper when I can get a deal.

(Purchase online or in store from Blick, University Art or Michaels)

Strathmore 400 Watercolor Paper 9x12 Pad

Strathmore 400 Watercolor Paper 11x15 Block

Strathmore Watercolor Greeting Cards- 10 Pack

Drawing Tools:

Faber Castel Kneaded Eraser with Case (Blick, Michaels, University Art)

Koh I noor Toison D'or Drawing Pencils 12 Pack

Koh I Noor Toison D'or Drawing Pencil 2B 2 Pack (Blick)

General Erasers- 3 Pack   (Blick, Michaels, University Art)

Westcott Clear 12" Grid Ruler 


Sakura Micron Pen Set

Uniball Gel Pen- White/Gold/Silver

* When you make a purchase from some of these links I may receive a nominal referral fee. I only recommend products to you that I actually use and that I believe in.